Auckland HypnoBirthing classes – for an easier way to give birth

Welcome to Envisage HypnoBirthing and congratulations on taking the first step to achieving a calm and comfortable birth.

For 25 years, HypnoBirthing has been taking the fear out of childbirth and equipping women with everything they need to give birth easily and comfortably, just as nature intended. The benefits of HypnoBirthing include:

-Removing fear for a more relaxed pregnancy and birth 1
-Shorter and more comfortable labour 1
-Reduced need for interventions 1,2
-Reduced/eliminated desire for pain relief medications 1,2
-Greater satisfaction with birth experience 1
-Calmer, more content, easier babies 3

I teach small group classes at Mother-Well Holistic Health Centre in Mt Eden, and privately throughout Auckland. More details are available on my classes page.

Read on to learn more, or contact me if you would like to book a place on one of my courses.

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a holistic approach to birth preparation. It is based on the philosophy that modern mothers must prepare emotionally, as well as physically to achieve a gentle, natural birth.

Mothers work with their body, harnessing the body’s own natural painkillers which are many times stronger than morphine. The techniques help you achieve your best birth, whether you are planning to have a home birth, a hospital birth, a natural birth or any of the other options available.

Birth partners are taught techniques to support the mother, and take an active part in the birth and birth-preparation.

Watch a HypnoBirth

Sometimes HypnoBirthing can sound too good to be true but as they say ‘seeing is believing’. For me this video is a perfect example of a woman going deep within herself, remaining completely calm and working with her body while being supported completely by her partner and their midwife. The video is completely family friendly viewing too, no nudity or closeups, and no shouting or screaming, just a lovely calm HypnoBirth.

The mother is so in control you can hear her calmly giving instructions to her midwife and to her partner just moments before her baby is born.

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*Header photo credit: Teza Harinaivo Ramiandrisoa

1 Phillips-Moore, J. (2012) Birthing outcomes from an Australian HypnoBirthing programme. British Journal of Midwifery, 20(8).
2 Swencionis et al. (2013) HypnoBirthing Outcomes. Birth Psychology. 27(2)
3 HypnoBirthing Temperament Survey 2014



  1. Hi there i am 33 weeks pregnant, and am really interested in this, but i live up in kaitaia and would have to travel down to do this, what is the shortest time fram we could complete it by?!

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