Auckland HypnoBirthing classes

Learn how HypnoBirthing classes can help you reduce fear, reduce pain, and even enjoy giving birth

Welcome to Envisage HypnoBirthing and congratulations on taking the first step to achieving a calm and comfortable birth. I teach group HypnoBirthing classes in Mt Eden, and also offer private classes in the comfort of your own home.

For 25 years, HypnoBirthing has been taking the fear out of childbirth and teaching women how to give birth gently, just as nature intended. The benefits of HypnoBirthing include:

  • Less fear for a more relaxed pregnancy and birth
  • Shorter and more comfortable labour
  • More engaged and involved birth partner
  • Less interventions/need for pain relief
  • Calmer and more content babies

Watch a HypnoBirthing video to see for yourself how calm and at ease HypnoBirthing mothers are during the birth.

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  1. Hi there i am 33 weeks pregnant, and am really interested in this, but i live up in kaitaia and would have to travel down to do this, what is the shortest time fram we could complete it by?!

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