Birth Stories

Reading positive, natural birth stories is a great way to start filling your mind with positive images around giving birth. This paves the way for your own birth to be a beautiful experience too.

See how HypnoBirthing has given these mothers the tools to achieve amazing births after taking my classes.

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Rémi’s birth story

Hi Esther,

On the morning of June 3rd, at 41 weeks, my waters broke.  It was a long day of waiting for things to kick in….. but they took their time!  I watched a movie, I made our room into a nestly little haven, I walked sideways up and down stairs, I used yoga poses, sniffed clary sage, had a lavender bath….There was talk of needing to go into hospital for antibiotics and possible medical induction that night if things didn’t start to progress, however I felt empowered by the knowledge I gained through the HypnoBirthing course to stay calm & make the decision to wait for a bit longer.

That evening, my surges started!  I felt both excited and chilled out, knowing I had the tools learned through HypnoBirthing to get me through whatever was coming.  I laboured at home for 8 hours, using calm breathing techniques, visualisations of canoeing down a beautiful river in France during surges, a range of different labouring positions, fear release and the relaxometer script from time to time.

When it was time, we drove into Birthcare where they had the pool filling and ready for me to jump into.  I spent the next 4 hours here but eventually felt the need to get “grounded” and use some other positions while I breathed our baby down.  Luc was an incredible support throughout the entire process, knowing exactly what to do and say, exuding knowledge, confidence and giving motivation- all things learned through HypnoBirthing.  After 16 hours of labour, our beautiful son Rémi arrived into this world on the morning of June 4th.

We want to thank you so much for everything! It was a wonderful course which changed our attitudes to labour and birth massively –  most importantly we were both able to experience our journey without fear, achieving our natural, drug-free birth, for which we are so grateful.

Lots of love,

Rose, Luc and Rémi xxx

Beautiful Homebirth story

Hey Esther just letting you know little miss decided to make her entrance Sunday morning just before 8.

We got the perfect, calm, undisturbed homebirth that we had visualised! Dave was amazing & even our dog was cool, calm & slept quietly beside the pool!

Our two amazing midwives said that was the easiest & smoothiest first birth for a mum & baby you could get.

Thank you so much, full credit to HypnoBirthing in getting us prepared mentally & spiritually!

We are so thankful to the techniques we learnt from hypnobirthing! Catching up with the midwife today apparently I was smiling during deep surges as we went through transition & then going into a deeply relaxed state between surges.

When the second midwife turned up an hour before baby came she thought our labour was stalled because i was quiet & looked like i wasn’t doing anything. She hadn’t been to many HypnoBirths before but had over 28 years homebirth experience. My midwife then explained J breathing 🙂

Ruby’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,

Thanks so much for the offer [to do the Come on Out Hypnosis], but it won’t be needed as we were blessed with our little Ruby this Monday morning.

It was a pretty text book birth with waters breaking at 6pm and us rushing into hospital at 6am after doing much of the labouring at home. Unbeknown to me I was already 9cm dilated! Time flew.

We were so impressed with how natural and instinctual all the breathing techniques became during the 12 hour lead up to the hospital. We did a lot of practicing so it felt very familiar and natural. Jeremy used a lot of the reassuring affirmations and gentle touch massage while I laboured on all fours with my relaxation music on.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital I dived into the bath and spent the remaining 3 hours being very vocal but with my eye mask on and breaths coming hard and fast, again I was able to keep my body relaxed and most importantly breath the baby down at the last minute instead of pushing and ended up with very little tearing.

She arrived very alert and chilled with hours of skin to skin contact and her cord given time to stop pulsating. The midwife left Jeremy and I too it  so it really was the perfect birth!

Thanks again for all the well worth tools and knowledge. Jeremy and I are absolutely in love.

– Karis

Tobias’s gentle HypnoBirthing induction

Baby Tobias

Baby Tobias

Hi Esther,

Thanks so much for teaching me HypoBirthing, it is a very useful technique! Finally I found the time to drop you some words. Thanks so much for the HypnoBirthing class, I had a natural birth with no pain relief and quick 3.5 hours labour.

As I was informed to have the induction birth from the hospital on 24th Feb, I rang you and we did a come on out script, also with your help, I have found Mala to do one acupunture the day before I went to hospital. I was supposed to insert foley balloon to induce labour. Without any discomfort and pain, I got 3 cm dilated when the doctor examined me.

It was a busy Friday for the delivery unit, I waited calmly and read and listen the hypobirthing reading material throughout the day. I planned to do water birth however my gestational diabetes restricted my birth option, midwife also needed to monitor the heart beat of my baby, I had to lie on back which wasn’t my preferable birthing position. The midwife came at 7pm, she helped me break the waters and the surges began to start very slowly (3cm to 5 cm from 7pm midnight).

The doctor asked if I needed to inject the hormone to speed the process, then the pressure began more intense (5cm went up to 9cm just in an hour!) and the doctor asked us again if I need epidural to slow down the pressure! Both midwife and I had confidence that I could have a natural birth so we didn’t use any medication. She said I did a good job with the breathing technique, like the technique naturally became “my breathing pattern” while the pressure getting more intense, I lost track of the breathing techniques then my husband supported me by repeating “breath in, breath out and relax” and I followed through.  Baby Tobiah came to the world at 5:45 am.

We had skin to skin touch, however since he born slightly premature and a mild tongue tie, it took time to support him on breastfeeding, he is an active and determined boy, he seems work hard to catch up on the 3 weeks lost, he went from weighing 2.75 kg when he born and has gone up to 6kg in three months time.

Jo’s calm first birth

Hi Esther, no need for the welcome out script, had an amazing HypnoBirth yesterday at the birthing unit, amazing, not a frown or anything, just breathing (pushed at the end as my waters didn’t really break) but honestly, a wonderful, calm labour that never felt rushed or stressed.
Thanks for everything
P.S. Nikolai was amazing!

Kiwa’s Birth Story

Hi Esther

Just letting you know our little boy Kiwa on Sunday morning, 8.65lbs, 53 cms and a total cutie (I’m biased I know)! Were are so in love! It was a relatively short birth. I found the water and the relaxation techniques invaluable. Thank you for your sharing and hypnobirthing knowledge.

Kiwa is the most relaxed and gentle baby I’ve ever seen:)

Bodhi’s induction birth story

Hey there Esther!
Hope you’ve been keeping well!?
So I’ve been super slack (and a little pre-occupied) but finally getting around to sharing the AMAZING news of our wee arrival Bodhi Butcher who came into the world on Friday, May 6th – weighing in at 3.5kg and 51cm long:)
I ended up having to get an induction via sintocin so had quite an intense experience, but managed to go drug free and have a vaginal birth and have to say the deep breathing and visulisation of my ‘happy place’ got my through the big surges.  The positive affirmations were also a fantastic aid.   The thermometer exercise also was a winning success!
Thank you so much for everything, we’d both definitely recommend your services to anyone and I am sure I will be back for a refresher course when number 2 comes around.
Thank so much again
Lisa xx

Maya’s Birth Story

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to become a mum soon! I thought I would share my story of delivering my beautiful baby Maya at 8:04am on the 10th of July.

Everyone says there is nothing like giving birth to your own baby and that’s so true, and I know my experience was so amazing and pleasant thanks to HypnoBirthing.

First of all leading up to the big day this is how I spent my ‘holiday,’ and I tell you this because I think all of these helped me have a relaxing birthing. I was swimming right up to the due date (which was the 11th of July) three times a week. I would also go for a walk for an hour 5 times a week or so. I would listen to both affirmation and rainbow relaxation while I was walking.

I had the pictures of the rose and optimal baby position that I got from the class up on the wall inside my walk-in closet so that I would get to see them every day for visualization. My husband Tony and I practised the hand-lifting script 5 times and he also read out some of the other scripts like the balloon rising one.

On the night of the 9th I went to bed as usual but with a bit of stomach cramps which I experienced a few days back. Cramps almost felt like the ones that you have when you have diarrhea so I really wasn’t sure if I had started having a surge or not. I probably started getting some timing around 2am but didn’t wake Tony up until 4:30am.

Even then I wasn’t sure if I just had stomach cramps or surges. I remember asking Tony should we or should we not text Tilly (midwife). Tony told me later that he wasn’t going to text Tilly at that point as he always heard that you can tell when surges become intense and his observation told him that I hadn’t got to the point yet. He lit up my favorite candle, put on soothing music and read out the balloon rising script to me.

Around 6am my water broke and I had a show too. Finally both of us were able to confirm that the baby was finally coming! Tony still didn’t text Tilly at this point as he later told me that I was able to complain about wetting my pants and having to change my pants a couple of times. After this happened though my surges became intense all of a sudden (2-3 mins apart or sometimes no breaks).

I remember I became so mean to Tony ordering him to text Tilly, turn off the lights here and there (somehow the lights started bothering me so much). Tony tried to do “40, 39, 38…” but I shut him down very quickly. I’d planned to have a water birth at Birthcare so Tilly started setting up the room for us. Tilly texted Tony that the room was ready and we should head over there.

I was in no shape to get in the car and said to Tony ‘I can’t do this anymore!’ As soon as I said it I was thinking to myself oh my goodness we totally covered this at the class! And sure enough Tony said to me I was going through a transitioning phase. I wanted to say ‘I know!’  Tony kept on telling me to relax and told me that Maya was getting closer to us. As soon as I tried to relax there was a noticeable difference and surges became more manageable (which was amazing!)  Tony called Tilly saying we wanted her to come to the house instead.

Tilly got to our house at 7:30am, examined me and I was 9cm dilated. Tilly told me the baby’s head wasn’t there yet so I could still go to Birthcare if I wanted to. I said I wanted to go to Birthcare only because I was thinking ‘there’s NO WAY I’m doing a home birth! What is home birth? Where would I possibly birth in this house?!’ As soon as I said that at the next surge I had this urge to push. Tony told Tilly that and before I knew it I was lying on the lounge floor.

At 8:04 I had Maya on my chest. Tony was holding the umbilical cord feeling the pulses. Words could not explain our emotions at that time. She felt so warm on my chest and was crying and screaming.

I planned to have a water birth and it had never occurred to me that I would have a home birth at all. But now I wouldn’t have wanted it in any other way! What an amazing story that I will get to tell Maya when she grows up! I truly believe that because of all the HypnoBirthing relaxation practices that Tony and I did regularly my body was naturally so relaxed on that day that I only felt the intense surges for a couple of hours before Maya arrived.

I have to say Tony was the best birthing partner – he really tried to utilize various methods that we learned at the classes – some worked but others were miserably rejected by me!

Ironically after having the home birth, I had to be transferred to the hospital for a tear repair procedure. Maya weighed 4.48kgs (9.87 lbs) – the 99th percentile in NZ!! No wonder I had the tear – not that I felt it when she came out (in case some of you are fearful about it – I know I was).

All the best with your relaxing and beautiful birth.

– Eri Wheeler

Otis’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,

I just wanted to let you know that our baby has arrived, and how it all went. Our surprise turned out to be a baby boy – Otis – weighing in at eight pounds exactly. He was born on 5/5/15, four days before his EDD and I’m thrilled to say that I had a completely natural, drug-free birth just as I had wanted, with no complications! Labour was 17 hours from start to finish, with five and half hours of active labour.

I woke up at 1.30am to mild period pain type cramps, which gradually got stronger, and I knew things were happening – at this stage I left Mark sleeping and just lay in bed with a hot water bottle doing calm breathing and lots of positive thinking. Once morning arrived, things continued much the same way as they got stronger, and I listened to the affirmations on repeat as I found the positive phrasing really useful, particularly ‘each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me’.

Mark gave me a massage, and I also found the shower really good to work through each surge. I was visited by the midwife at home at midday, and she examined me and told me I was entering active labour, told me I was doing really well and encouraged me to keep at it and stay at home as long as possible, but that hospital was probably not too many hours away. After this, things progressed and the surges got much stronger and closer together and when my midwife came to the house at 4 I knew it was time to get to hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 4.30 and walked around while we waited for the birthing pool to fill. Our midwife had really supported us in taking the HypnoBirthing classes, and she had made sure the room was dark and quiet when we arrived. This transition period was the hardest bit for me – I definitely succumbed to the ‘I can’t do this’ stage but Mark was amazing and encouraged me to do long breaths with every surge.

He was so brilliant throughout, doing light touch massage, encouraging me, reminding me to breathe – this was definitely where the time we had spent preparing before the birth, particularly Mark feeling prepared as a birth partner, really paid off. At this stage I was fully dilated and once I was in the pool I felt so much better – the water felt so good.

My waters broke almost as soon as I was in the pool and then I moved straight into the pushing stage and used the J breathing here. I had to get out of the pool in the final stages as Otis‘ heart rate dropped really low, but one more push back in the birthing suite and he was out at 6.35, only two hours after arriving at hospital.

We had heaps of skin time, and I delivered the placenta naturally, and we were discharged the same night and went straight to Birthcare where we stayed two nights and then came home. It felt very surreal walking out of hospital with a baby only five hours after we had walked in!

Otis has been a really good sleeper so far, and hardly cries – he is very chilled. He’s now nine days old and the most gorgeous little thing. I can’t thank you enough for all your help preparing us for the birth. It made such a difference going into labour not being scared, and having the tools to work through things. And to have achieved the natural birth I wanted was amazing.

Thank you again! – Ellie & Mark

D’yango’s Birth Story

Hi Esther –  now that the dust has settled in our household following the arrival of a little person who has totally changed our lives, I wanted to share some reflections on how your HypnoBirthing classes helped to shape my pregnancy and delivery so beautifully.

The techniques we learned in your HypnoBirthing class started influencing us fairly early on in pregnancy. Your classes gave me the strength and confidence to really enjoy the experience of pregnancy. It helped me to keep focused on the fact that my baby was already being affected by my stress levels, and was benefitting from positive thoughts and good chemicals being released into my system from things like exercise, a loving home environment and good healthy food.

The relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques helped me to slow down, be in the moment and embrace the changes that I was going through during the incredible experience of creating life. I think I would have found it too easy to let the days of pregnancy pass by being caught up in the stresses and growing physical discomfort of every day life if these classes hadn’t help to ground me and kind of ‘force’ me to practice relaxation actively.

From my husband’s point of view – I think originally he was supportive of trying out HypnoBirthing because he knew it was something I was really interested in. However from the first lesson he was totally engaged and on board, largely due to HypnoBirthing’s research based, practical and logical approach.

Later on when I asked him what the main benefit he thought the classes were able to give him, he said it was the fact that the classes gave him a clearly defined role in the pregnancy and labour. Before the classes he just couldn’t quite get his head around how to help and support me in practical ways. We loved the light touch massage and breathing techniques that we were able to practice together and then eventually use during labour.

I have no doubt that the techniques learnt through your classes allowed me to have the drug-free birth I felt so strongly about, despite my labour being a little challenging. I had an extremely long latent phase, meaning that I was effectively in labour for three days. Being able to keep myself relaxed and positive meant that my baby was able to stay calm and happy, and no additional pressure was placed on me to divert from my birth plan and opt for medical intervention.

You helped me to totally change the way I perceived pain! My husband and I actually had a beautiful couple of days going for walks in the park and cuddling up on the couch watching movies through quite intense contractions.

Once in the hospital, we really ‘claimed the space’ which we might not have otherwise felt empowered to do – we set up aromatherapy, put electric candles around the birthing pool and felt completely confident to ask people to leave the room when we felt crowded. All we needed was each other, and of course our wonderful midwife.

Being able to put myself quickly and easily into a state of deep relaxation meant that I avoided exhaustion early on in the latent phase, which gave me enough strength – physical, emotional and mental – to get through 60 hours of labour with only the assistance of the Ventouse in the final few minutes. When it came time to make decisions around assistance, we did so calmly and confidently, never feeling as though decisions were being taken out of our hands.

Our little boy was born bright eyed, incredibly alert and continues to be a relaxed and strong little boy who is so interested in the world around him. Our bond is so strong and we’re loving getting to know him more and more each day.

I can’t thank you enough for helping to shape my attitudes around labour and pregnancy, which ultimately allowed me to have the kind of birth I had dearly wanted for my son.  I really don’t think I would have it done it nearly as well without you, so a heart-felt thanks!

Baby C’s Birth Story

We had a great birth lasting only 6 hours from wo to go (which is pretty good as it is my first child!). I laboured just over half of it at home and we went into hospital when [husband] realised how far through I was. I was in total denial of the length and spacing of my contractions and assumed I had hours to go!

I arrived at hospital at 9cm dilated. I had no drugs or intervention in the birth and no damage to me. I remained very relaxed through the whole process. He is a delight and a very relaxed baby.

Unfortunately my placenta got stuck (due to some gynaecological issues I have) and I had to have a manual removal under general anaesthetic. This was after the obstetrician waited a good hour  for things to progress naturally (which also gave me an hour of skin to skin). This went well and if something had to go wrong then I am glad it was the placenta as no drugs or anything passed through to my baby.

In addition [my husband] got some one on one time with [baby] while I was away which was very nice for both of them. Additionally I have had a very smooth recovery from the GA largely I think due to my confidence and relaxed attitude.

Thanks for all your help and support and for teaching all the HypnoBirthing methods to us. They gave us a very relaxed and straight forward birth and gave me confidence that nothing would go wrong.

Thanks again

Denvah’s VBAC Birth Story

The photo says it all. Crystal, Ben and baby Denvah

The photo says it all. Crystal, Ben and baby Denvah

We had a speedy 6 hour labour starting at 11pm last night and laboured in our spa bath under candlelight for 5 of those hours. Went to the hospital and only just made it to deliver our daughter, narrowly missing birthing in the car or corridor floor!

We had an absolutely beautiful and healing VBAC completely free of pain relief. Not once did I feel I needed anything. Denvah was born at 5.02am and we walked out of delivery suite at 7.30am back to the comforts of our home!

I am completely blown away by our birth. I couldn’t be happier and more over the moon.

– Crystal

Dan’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,
Well I must have known we needed to stay at home that night, Daniel was born at 9.56am on Thursday, 8lb2oz. I’ve been so excited to share our birthing story with you, and now we’re settling in at home I finally feel like I can sit here and type what happened.
I woke up at around 3am on the morning of the 13th, I think to go to the toilet to do a poo? Then I felt a little funny, the ‘period’ pains and ‘braxton hicks’, so I just sat quietly on the edge of my bed, keep track of when these were happening (with then another 2 toilet visits to clear the bowels I thought, OK this might really be happening now).
I still just sat there, slightly rocking back and forward and reading the newspaper on my iphone. Then my dear friend from the UK sent me a text – she is also a HypnoBirthing teacher and doula, she’d sent me some readings and I knew then it was really happening, I responded to her and said I think I’m having surges and she asked if I wanted to skype and I said no I’m so relaxed I just want to stay like this.
So I read what she sent and then thought I’d have a shower and wash my hair?! So I woke Bev just after 4am and said I think the baby is coming and I’m just having a shower so you can stay asleep but just letting you know. He was so funny and didn’t believe me because I was so calm. 
In the shower I had some big surges, so got out dried my hair and woke Bev and said we needed to get ready and bags in the car – he told me to have something to eat which was pretty funny, it was the last thing I felt like doing.
I got dressed and continued to time surges and thought shit these are really getting close and stronger, fast.It must have been about 5am and I said to phone the midwife because we were having 3 surges in 10mins, I lay down for a minute then had a show which was quite big, spoke to midwife and I told her we needed to go now. Very assertive and sure of what you need and don’t need in labour!
On the way into the hospital my waters broke in the car, and I was still having 3 surges in 10mins, I’d had a pad in from when the show happened which was actually good because when we arrived at the hospital we could see it was brown – meconium. So, the hospital midwife did put a monitor on my tummy and I got into a gown.
Our midwife arrived and did I think the only internal exam I can remember and I was 7cm dilated, that was 6am.I spent the next few hours leaning over the bed and on my back which is something I didn’t at all think I would do, my legs pushing into the midwives hips. It was like I was on another planet for sure, and I know there were times when I remembered breath the baby down, and other breathing techniques they weren’t constant but they were there.Bev was great and when he kissed me it was so good, funny because I wonder if he would have if he didn’t know that was a good thing to do from our HypnoBirthing classes – given I wanted minimal touch elsewhere!
So many things we had prepared for in our birthing plan, and to take to the hospital that went out the window, but it didn’t matter at all the key thing was a natural and as relaxed as possible positive birth, and we were so happy, just over the moon that’s just what we had!It was and has been the most amazing thing we’ve experienced, and I’m sooooo pleased we did it all drug free, I had two panadol and a voltaren afterwards and that’s all. I had a tiny tear and had a few stitches for that but physically have felt really good afterwards, as well as mentally and I do think its down to the relaxed pregnancy and birth?
Bev said I looked really relaxed, I didn’t feel it all the time during the birth at all but it was an experience I can’t articulate.I loved that we did HypnoBirthing so early on in our pregnancy it really helped with the mindset for the rest of the pregnancy and birth, we didn’t do antenatal classes (so many people gave us surprised looks), but we were so confident and comfortable from what we’d learnt with you, and our friends and family that we didn’t want that to change.
So THANK YOU Esther, for being such a positive influence in the pregnancy and birth of our darling little boy. Oh and Dan, he is the most contented little man, his 3 hrs stretches of sleep have meant I’ve been able to get some good hours of sleep in, he’s just adorable.All the best,Love Angie, Bev & Dan x

Sam’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught Trent and I over the HypnoBirthing sessions. I really think all the prep work into relaxing, breathing and positive self-talk helped us a lot. We always knew it was a big baby and I think not letting ‘horror stories’ affect us was the best thing for before and during labour.

Yesterday morning we welcomed in to the world Samuel (Sam) – photo attached (proud parents!) . He was a big boy (4.6kg) and we have received many comments of surprise at the delivery of this boy naturally without pain relief from midwives, nurses, family/friends.

I just thought I’d share how it all went for us…

Began getting surges around 9pm getting stronger by 11pm and knew it was happening. We went into hospital at 4.30am when they were around 2 mins apart. I was 7cm on and went into the pool straight away – I’ll admit to losing it slightly by asking Trent why I didn’t want an epidural but then remembered you saying that if this happens the end is close.

The pool was really great – a nice distraction! I had been looking forward to massage but of course on the day I didn’t want anyone touching me for most of the time! Sam was born at 7.09am and I felt great afterwards happy to not have after effects of drugs. He’s a healthy boy and not much of screamer so far (touch wood).

Thanks again, and hope everything is well with you.

– Emma and Trent

Phoebe’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,

Just wanted to let you know our little girl arrived last Wednesday the 26th, a week overdue : )

Her name is Phoebe and she was 9.1lbs!

I’m very pleased to report that we got the natural water birth we wanted! We tried lots of natural induction techniques but ended up having a stretch and sweep at noon that day. Contractions started at 5:30 that evening and progressed pretty quickly. We got to the hospital at 10:30pm and she was born in the pool at 11:45pm!

What an amazing experience, so very different from Elliott’s highly medicalised birth, I felt so much more aware and in control and the recovery has been so much better!

As for the HypnoBirthing aspect I am pleased to report we used the strategies and they were a huge help. At home I found the CD really calming. Unfortunately it was a little difficult to refocus with transitioning to the hospital (I get why people stay at home!) and I definitely lost it and panicked during the transition (Connon immediately recognised this when I screamed “get me out of here!” Ha ha) but overall I think I was fairly in tune with myself : ) in the end it wasn’t actually that hard at all!

It was such an amazing experience and I want to thank your fantastic teaching for giving both of us the tools, information and most importantly the confidence to birth naturally. About 2 hours after, Connon had the nerve to say it was so easy we should have a 3rd! A bit soon, but yes, I definitely no longer have the fear of birth that I did before which has been an amazing healing process as well. Hooray!

I am looking forward to recommending your HypnoBirthing course to everyone! Thank you again for everything. Let’s do a play date soon so you can meet Phoebe!

Beau’s Birth Story


Well a lot has gone on in my world, last Saturday I was at work and at the end of the day felt shattered and had a strong ache under my bust like a band of pressure where I found it hard to breathe and couldn’t get comfortable, no matter how I sat or lay down and position myself. It felt like baby was just too big.

So then on Sunday I had in upset tummy, then threw up once and had a bit of a fever. I was tossing up whether I go to A and E or not and thought what could they do, give me Panadol?… I thought I had eaten something bad or had a virus.

So it was getting into the evening as I decided we should go to A and E.

They were useless and didn’t know what to do so referred me to the obstetric ward at the hospital. They hooked me up with ECG and blood tests and put a drip on me. We were waiting around for four hours, getting hungry and wondering when we could go home.

All of a sudden the Dr came in and said to me ok so your bloods look like you have HELLP syndrome which is similar to preeclampsia  and we are going to take another set of bloods right now and check if the levels are dropping. So they were rushing around me quite frantically, ten mins later they came on and said, ok so your platelets and liver levels are dropping so I need to break your waters  now and you will have your baby tonight….

I said what are my options? as I burst into tears. They said that I could bleed out if left longer and the only other option is a general anaesthetic with a cesarean… But they said that they want to break my waters and induce me… He said ok we have to do this now… I was in shock and crying and then rang my mum in Wellington. She told me to relax and focus on my HypnoBirthing.

Mark quickly dashed home and bought a bag of randomness in trying to be helpful, as I didn’t even have my handbag with me… !

We listened to music, had a dimly lit room, took a clock down he put the rose picture up. I sat on a Swiss ball and Mark  massaged me and held me and was just amazing. He has by my side the whole time holding me helping me breathe, counting down from 30 etc.

All went really well. I was induced so things progresses quite intensely and quickly. My active labour was three hours, and I used gas which definitely helped me. I ended up giving birth on my back even though I was thinking no, I should be squatting. I was tired though and it naturally happened for me that way. HypnoBirthing really helped the whole situation and I couldn’t have done it without Mark. So just remember to keep practicing ladies!

I even had baby put on me straight away and I didn’t want to let him go, it didn’t matter about his messiness, I just felt such relief and immense love for him instantly and so much self satisfaction I felt like I was on top of the world.

So… Beau was born on 8th December at 8.26am, exactly one month early to the day. He was a healthy 6lbs 2oz.

We are still in hospital now and hopefully get to go home today! He had ruptured lungs from trying to get his oxygen going, however he went to NICU and then worked on him and he repaired himself really quickly.

He has jaundice but is has been treated with the blue light.

He is amazing at feeding, I have lots of milk and he is already in a three hourly routine of feeding and sleeping so things are going great!

It is a wild ride ladies but so empowering and you will be on cloud nine. I have had moments when I have a cry, but that’s just the hormones and as long as you let yourself have these moments and acknowledge what it is then it’s all good.

Thank you Esther.

Ginny’s Birth Story

Hi Esther,

Thought you’d like to know that your ‘Come on out’ script and your other suggestions worked – I was due to be induced Tuesday 20th May at 8am but your script on the Sunday, plus the clary sage oil on the Monday brought on my contractions at 2.35am! A whole 5 and a half hours to spare!

I was pretty proud that the HypnoBirthing breathing took me from 2.35 am Tuesday to around 7.30 ish pm. I had to use gas and air for the transition stage and I did end up pushing, but there was no epidural or intervention otherwise and I was so pleased that the breathing and visualization took me so far – especially for an unexpectedly heavy 8lb 10 baby!

Anyway, our little girl, Ginny has arrived and we’re pleased as punch. So, thanks for your teaching and for all your helpful suggestions. I don’t think that anyone can really prepare you for childbirth, but the HypnoBirthing definitely made it possible to endure more easily – Thank you

Thanks again,

Lorna & Grant & Ginny ; )

Arlo’s birth story

My second son Arlo was born in water at home in a textbook HypnoBirth. You can read his birth story on my blog but I think the midwife’s notes say it all:

  • Midwife notes from my son's HypnoBirth9:05 – [arrive] at Esther’s and Duncan’s house. Esther in pool. Very calm.
  • 9:11 – sounding slightly pushy
  • 9:19 – head in view
  • 9:20 – head born
  • 9:21 – baby born, received by Shelley (Grandma), to mum’s chest
  • 9:30 – placenta born

Check out my Testimonials Page for more birth stories and feedback about my HypnoBirthing classes.

If you are on Pinterest, I have a great collection of Birth Stories and Birth Videos on my page.


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