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Testimonials – From the Mothers

“Esther has taught me a lot, she is very knowledgeable and has a great relaxed nature, which made the course really comfortable. HypnoBirthing has really given me peace of mind and confidence. I feel much more relaxed, confident, and able to give birth. I was very anxious and in denial before. Now I feel like I can do it! ” – Cara

“After a traumatic birth experience I felt I would never be able to have a calm and positive experience. With the help of HypnoBirthing, I have learnt that I can do this. I have gained a lot of tools that will be incredibly useful in putting me into a calm zone. Esther is so approachable and full of knowledge. Thank you!” Crystal

“The course has given me so much confidence, I’ve been really empowered, all the knowledge you’ve shared just feels right, but without the course I may have been taken down quite a different track. I would definitely say that the course has given my hubbie and I and avenue to bond over the birthing experience.” – Tess

“HypnoBirthing allowed us to feel prepared for our birth journey and gave us the confidence to know that it was possible to have the calm natural birth we had envisaged. It delivered on its promise of taking the fear out of giving birth.

Working with Esther helped bring HypnoBirthing techniques to life for us beyond just the words on the page. She created an open and comfortable space so that we could ask all our ‘stupid’ questions without judgement.

Esther’ s coaching style is open, frank, and pragmatic and she draws on not only her knowledge of the HypnoBirthing practice but also her own experience as a mum.

Face to face sessions were invaluable – for me, simply reading about the techniques would not have been enough.Esther helped us understand the rationale behind them and how to tailor them to us as individuals, which meant we could internalise the techniques and were able to apply them with confidence when we really needed to – during the birth of our daughter!

Thanks Esther for being part of our journey.” – Arti

“Thank you for helping us to release fear and tension toward birth. The course has been so helpful in preparing us for this exciting journey. My attitude towards birth has changed so dramatically from being quite scared to calmly confident and now I am looking forward to birthing my baby.” – Robyn

“The HypnoBirthing course really helped me feel more prepared and relaxed about giving birth, it greatly reduced any stress I was feeling, I would highly recommend it.” – Hope

“Great positive way to start this journey, feeling content and positive and excited about the birth.”

“Feeling more relaxed, empowered and confident in what I would like.”

“I feel more in control and prepared for the stages of labour. It’s not what you would expect from the name ‘HypnoBirthing’, it was very professional, detailed, amazing instructor who took time and effort to always follow up questions with researched answers and links for evidence based practise. Lots of practical solutions to birthing and pregnancy concerns/issues. Not hippy-dippy, very professional!”

“I started out quite sceptical but as the course has progressed it all makes such logical sense (important for a lawyer!). Believing is easy once you understand the science.”

“I feel a lot more confident that my birth will go well and able to birth naturally and work with my body, rather than it be a medical intervention. The practical time you get to practice in class is great as it helps cement the learning.”

“I feel less fearful about the birthing process. More positive and prepared.”

“Gained much more understanding and desire for natural birth. I’ve been very affirmed in my ability to give birth, and in my long-held belief that it doesn’t have to be awful and painful.”

“Totally worth paying for antenatal classes, I feel like already I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth. Great, great course!”

“I am now calm and relaxed at the thought of birth.”

“Highly recommended! Now looking forward to the birth.”

“We really enjoyed the one-on-one aspect [of private classes] We felt 100% comfortable and relaxed at all times. We are actually excited about labour.”

“We feel we are far better informed which has made us feel excited and relaxed about the birth.”

“Great course – taken some of the fear out of birth. Birth feels less of a ‘fear of the unknown’.”

“Very informative, open and enlightening. Every pregnant woman should be given the opportunity to learn about HypnoBirthing. Thank you!”

Testimonials – From the Fathers

“Hypnobirthing helped me as the Dad to feel armed with tools to help support Arti through the birthing process. The classes with Esther over the weeks leading up to the birth of our daughter gave me the chance to get my head around how I could support Arti to have a natural birth.

Esther is a great coach who is driven by a real passion for HypnoBirthing. Drawing on both her theoretical knowledge as well as her own personal experience, she helped us prepare for the journey ahead in a pragmatic and supported way.

We believe that HypnoBirthing played an important role in the positive birthing experience we had with our first baby.” – Richard

“I have a greater appreciation for letting nature take its course, and having faith in natural instincts that have been successful for a lot longer than modern medicine. If you are unsure just try it. You have nothing to lose (except some money) and so much to gain. Put your child first from the beginning.”

“It’s worth doing. It has taken away lots of fear. Shown that birthing can be a positive experience!” – Dave

“Enlightening and thorough, great education”

“It shed light on the fact that giving birth isn’t a painful and traumatic experience and should be a celebration and amazing event.”

“[my attitude] has changed immensely. I have learnt so much and realise now how easy and enjoyable the birth of a baby can be. And it’s not scary!!!”

“Great course, great instructor. Esther makes you feel comfortable and confident in the classes, enabling you to freely ask questions. Her teaching is fantastic.”

“I am more relaxed about the birth and have great confidence in my partner’s ability to have a successful and natural birth.”

“A wonderful way to prepare as a couple for the birth of our child – bringing us closer as a couple towards the birth and becoming parents.”

“I realise [now] that birth isn’t a painful experience but a natural process the body is made for.”

“As a birthing partner I felt I was involved in the process which was good”


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